Personal branding and portfolio completed

How and why I choose to change my employment style and to have personal branding. Teams that I joined.

I studied many years and worked hard for so long, but i always wanted more fredom and flexability, more option to choose from and more free time to get my ideas into practice.
After 8 long years on permanent positions with average or low salary and working simutanously on 2 or 3 places i realised that the things are not happening as I wanted to happened.
I had good knowledge, but i wanted to be better too. I tried to work as small company alone and with some friends, but it was not successful in a long term.
After so many troubles I realised one thing: The best way of working for me is to be a CONTRACTOR.

If I work as a contractor I will constantly improve myself, have more time and flexability, work hard for some period and rest for while after the end of the project.
Also I would be free to pass my knowledge to students and to contact with more contractors as me. That's the best option, and it's good that there are such options.

My company TAKERMAN is frozen from some years and not functioning.
I will check if I need to defreeze it or register as self employed.

I am starting to change my way of thinking and to create a list with the Right things to do.
My branding is ready and my portfolio is online. I bought a course for contractors and I am improving myself in different areas as accounting etc.

Soon I will be able to show to the people how I can help them and there would be no borders to tell me that some technologies are not the right for
that case.

Follow my blog, there will be interestning posts.